On the 25th January, 2024, Dr. Sungpack Hong gave a presentation detailing Oracle's approach to the benefits of AI.

This talk focused on Oracle Labs’ role in the rapidly changing world of AI and data analytics. We showcased Oracle’s latest research and developments in these areas, emphasizing how AI is transforming business practices.

We started with an overview of how database is evolving for AI workload. Several vector database features were announced in the recent Oracle Cloud World, and we discussed technical challenges for academia to solve. We showed native support of graph data modelling in database and its large-scale, elastic execution, which enables to manage complex data relationships and extract insights from huge datasets. We discussed the technical hurdles and recent advancements in scalable data processing.

We went on to discuss Oracle Lab’s work in applying AI to enterprise applications. This included an overview of how Oracle Lab’s Recommendation System is improving user experience and business intelligence for enterprise applications. We also covered how Oracle’s AutoMLx toolset incorporates fairness metrics, helping users to add considerations into their AI applications. We then showed how modern AI is crucial for addressing issues in cybersecurity as well.

Lastly, we explored other uses of Large Language Models (LLMs) in solving business problems, with a focus on Code Generation and Data Integration. We discussed the challenges of using LLMs for practical business applications, particularly in code generation, and highlight our approaches. In Data Integration, we examined how LLMs help in merging different unstructured data sources.


Sungpack Hong is a Senior Research Director at Oracle Labs. He joined Oracle at 2012 after getting his PhD from Stanford University. He leads several research projects regarding graph data processing, large scale data analytics, domain-specific languages, and machine learning.