The EcoCloud Industry Affiliate Program (IAP) offers visionary companies a unique opportunity to collaborate with EPFL faculty, students and researchers. Our Affiliates are given unparalleled access to new technologies and ideas as they move from laboratory to marketplace. As the ideal platform for communication and discovery between the research and corporate communities, our IAP program catalyzes collaborative research, customizes educational programs and facilitates graduate recruiting.

EcoCloud’s IAP is a corporate membership program whereby companies pay an annual membership fee in return for facilitated access to the research programs, researchers and graduate students, offering the ability to capitalize on the unique, dynamic transdisciplinary innovation culture at EPFL. Industry collaboration and technology transfer lie at the heart of the EcoCloud IAP, spanning from entrepreneurial startups emerging from our research, to delivering customized executive education.

Our immediate focus is on expanding our research collaboration relationships, and attracting additional industrial partners to this endeavor. Please get in touch if your company is interested in exploring opportunities with EcoCloud. 

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Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

Annual Event – An annual one-day conference exclusively designed for our existing and prospective Industry Affiliates and research colleagues to showcase the activities of the center. The event’s program includes activities such as presentations by EcoCloud faculty and researchers on the latest research results organized around selected research themes; student poster sessions; lab tours; demonstrations; discussions on grand challenges; applications and technology roadmaps; and opportunities to meet and network with EcoCloud researchers, students and colleagues.

Research Monitoring – Throughout the year, EcoCloud enables Affiliates to remain engaged by means of seminars, talks and virtual meetings. These events can be broadcast live for our IAP member companies, so participants can join in remotely to hear from different thought leaders at EcoCloud and keep informed about the latest research. Affiliates also have preferential access to the comprehensive members-only IAP website, which contains information about research outcomes, EcoCloud events, video and publication archives, and other research outputs.

Graduate Student Recruiting – EcoCloud organizes events (including the Annual Event), during which Affiliates have access to senior students to facilitate recruiting. We work together with our Affiliates to facilitate recruiting activities throughout the year, including advertising job announcements, hosting talks and seminars and other student-targeted networking events.

Joint Research Projects – Member companies have the opportunity to engage with EcoCloud in research projects and collaborations into deployable technology. These include, but are not limited to: the opportunity to contribute and participate in EcoCloud research projects, customization of educational programs and the opportunity to develop and sponsor structured research programs.

Advertising – Our Affiliates have the opportunity to promote their company’s brand within EcoCloud’s website and reports.

Executive Education – Since 2013 EcoCloud has hosted workshops to include both classroom sessions and a practical “hands-on” component involving group projects. We are also developing other executive education courses, some of which are being framed in conjunction with other institutions.

The EcoCloud IAP aims to build long-term partnerships founded on research collaborations, PhD programs, University-Industry partnered research grants, internships, visiting scholar programs, fellowships, executive education and more. Our immediate focus is on expanding our relationships, and attracting additional industrial partners to this endeavor. Please get in touch if your company is interested in exploring opportunities with EcoCloud.