The EPFL EcoCloud Center was proud to host the Annual Event 2023.

Prof. Luca Benini of ETHZ and the University of Bologna will be giving a Keynote speech entitled:

The “Inevitable” Open Platform for Energy-Efficient, High-performance Computing

"Today’s data-parallel HPC, AI, Cloud workloads demand ever-growing performance under a constant power envelope," explains the professor. "The last decade has seen the rise of open instruction sets, open architectures, and open hardware as key enablers for designing more efficient computing systems.

"In this talk I will share insights gained in a decade of design “adventures” on open-source RISC-V hardware and software for energy-efficient computing, from baseline processing elements to high-performance many-core chiplet-based systems, and provide a personal view on the “inevitability” of RISC-V."

Following this there will be three sessions:

Start-ups: Key technologies for Next-Generation Cool Servers and Datacenters - Corintis (Sam Harrison presents his EPFL spin-off), JJ Cooling Innovation (with EFPL emeritus John Thome) and Gematag (presented by Youri Markevitch and Bruno Lorenzi).

Sustainable AI/ML challenges in key DL applications - Prof. Alexandre Alahi of the Laboratory of Visual Intelligence for Transportation - EPFL, Prof. Amir Zamir of the Visual Intelligence and Learning Lab - EPFL and Prof. Volkan Cevher of the Laboratory for Information and Inference Systems - EPFL.

Strategic multi-disciplinary sustainability projects of EPFL - Prof. Mario Paolone of the Distributed Electrical Systems Lab presents HeatingBits, Prof. David Atienza (Scientific Director of EcoCloud and Head of the Embedded Systems Lab) presents UrbanTwin.

This will be followed by a poster session. Attendance is free for members of EPFL (valid login required), a discretionary fee of CHF25 will be charged for non-EPFL participants. Registrations will close on the 22nd September.

We look forward to seeing you in October!