Featured talk at EPFL: UGraalVM’s full power in the Database

Starting with Oracle Database 21c, developers can execute JavaScript within the database. This functionality is enabled by the Multilingual Engine (MLE), powered by GraalVM, and enables Oracle APEX 20.2 to be the first (and only) low code framework on the planet which natively supports server-side JavaScript, out of the box.

In this talk, we will get a glimpse into the architecture of MLE which solves the challenge of embedding a multilingual compiler and runtime (GraalVM) into a database management system (Oracle Database). In addition, we will see how MLE enables low-code platforms like APEX to run dynamic languages like JavaScript natively in the database, both in theory as well as in a short practical demonstration within the Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database.


Dr. Lucas Braun is a Program Manager at Oracle Labs, Oracle’s research and development branch. He received his doctoral degree from the computer science department of ETH Zurich (Systems Group) and cloud databases are his primary research focus. Lucas is part of the team that develops the Oracle Database Multilingual Engine (MLE) which got first released in December 2020 as part of the Oracle Database 21c.

Date: Wednesday 1st June 2022
Time: 10:15
Place: CM2