Simla Burcu Harma has received the Generation Google Scholarship for Women in Computer Science, one of only two students in Switzerland to receive this award.Generation Google Scholarship for Women in Computer Science is awarded every year to a selection of 20 PhD students across Europe, Africa and the Middle East who have demonstrated a passion for technology, academic excellence, and have proven themselves as exceptional leaders and role models.Simla comes from Turkey, and is pursuing a PhD at the Parallel Systems Architecture Lab (PARSA), under the supervision of Prof. Babak Falsafi. Her research interests lie in the area of Systems for Machine Learning. She is working on the EcoCloud project ColTrain, which aims to restore datacenter homogeneity and co-locate training and inference without compromising inference efficiency or quality of  service (QoS) guarantees.

Her work has included contributions to the ColTrain HBFPEmulator: