The Facebook Fellowship Program, initiated in 2013 and awarded in 21 different categories, encourages and supports doctoral students who are engaged in innovative research on computer science, engineering, and allied domains. The winners for 2020 have been announced, and they include the first-ever awardees from EPFL. Panagiotis Sioulas and Merlin Nimier-David, both PhD students at the School of Computer and Communication Sciences, are winners in the categories of Structured Data Stores and Computer Graphics respectively.

Panagiotis Sioulas’s core research interests are in database management systems. He aims to design hardware and workload-conscious analytical databases that allow efficient multiple concurrent data-intensive queries by scheduling execution and by exploiting shared data and work across queries. The Fellowship will serve as an incentive for him to pursue his ongoing research in data management systems in the Data-Intensive Applications and Systems Lab (DIAS) under the supervision of Anastasia Ailamaki. Before joining EPFL, Panagiotis obtained a BSc at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

The Facebook Fellowship covers two years of tuition and fees, and provides an annual stipend of $37,000 and up to $5,000 in conference travel support. Winners will also be eligible for a paid visit to Facebook headquarters for the annual Fellowship Summit.

EcoCloud wishes the awardees great success in their future research endeavors.