Cloudsuite 3.0 was released at the 2016 HiPEAC Conference in Prague in January. The third version is a major enhancement over prior releases both in workloads and infrastructure. It includes benchmarks that represent massive data manipulation with tight latency constraints such as in-memory data analytics using Apache Spark, a new real-time video streaming benchmark following today’s most popular video-sharing website setups, and a new web serving benchmark mirroring today’s multi-tier web server software stacks with a caching layer. To facilitate deployment, the benchmarks are integrated into the Docker container system and Google’s PerfKit Benchmarker. PerfKit enables automated benchmarking and a performance comparison across a broad spectrum of cloud server systems. CloudSuite 3.0 will run on both real hardware and a QEMU based emulation platform. There is a tutorial scheduled for EuroSys in London for those interested. For further info on CloudSuite 3.0 please visit the website.