Anastasia Ailamaki and Babak Falsafi were named ACM Fellows. Fellowship is ACM most prestigious award given to the top 1% of ACM members for their outstanding contributions in computing and information technologies. According to ACM, this year’s awardees’ achievements “are fueling advances in computing that are driving the growth of the global digital economy.” Anastasia Ailamaki, a professor of computer science at EPFL, received her award for outstanding contribution to the design, implementation, and evaluation of modern database systems. Her research interests are in database systems and applications including strengthening the interaction between the database software and emerging hardware and I/O devices and automating database management to support computationally demanding and data-intensive scientific applications. She is also a founding member of EcoCloud.


Babak Falsafi receives his award for outstanding contributions to multiprocessor and memory architecture design and evaluation. Babak is a professor of computer science at EPFL working on architectural innovation to address emerging challenges in the design and performance-scalability of future computer systems. Babak is also the founder and director of EcoCloud and a member of its executive committee. You can find more information on ACM 2015 Fellows here.