Showcasing energy reductions in datacenters of up to 10x


  Atienza Alonso David
  Falsafi Babak

Emerging important critical workloads are primarily data-driven (e.g., streaming, analytics, data serving, search and web) and such require highly-efficient and parallel access to data with simple processing components. The EuroCloud server is an EU FP7 Computing Systems Programme funded initiative to showcase energy reductions of up to 10x with 3D-DRAM integrated server chips with ARM cores in future servers.

The project brings together multiple partners focused on demonstrating a step function improvement in system density and energy efficiency for data center applications compared to current state-of-the-art platforms using incumbent processor architectures.

The project goal is to scale the platform to support hundreds of cores in a single server, and show the path that will make a data center featuring 1 million cores viable.

At the heart of this programme is the efficient coupling of high performance ARM®CortexTM processors with 3D memory technology targeting the Mobile Cloud services from Nokia’s, which will serve millions of “mobile handsets”. By validating this path, companies across the world will be able to construct super-efficient, environmentally clean and compact data centers for the  deployment of green Cloud Computing services.

Pioneering the pursuit of green data centers further strengthens Europe’s leadership and excellence in green computing.