Sustainable Scientific Computing

Prof. Michael Lehning

Fields of expertise

Interaction Cryosphere – Atmosphere in particular Snow Processes Natural Hazards Warning and Forecasting Turbulence and Boundary Layer Flows over Alpine Terrain Mountain Hydrology and Permafrost Dynamics Renewable Energy (Wind and Solar) in the Alps and as Contribution to the Swiss Energy Change Agenda


2010: EU Interreg and Cantonal Funding for application oriented work in Alpine flood forecasting and climate change, P. I. 2009: Swiss National Science Foundation: Wind tunnel investigations of shear stress partitioning over plants, P. I. 2009: Swiss National Science Foundation: Field investigations of surface heterogeneity and land-surface exchange in mountains, P. I. 2008: ETH CCES grant “Swiss Experiment” Main Project – Project on new technology and interdisciplinary environmental observation systems, P. I. 2008: HYDROSYS: EU – Project on new technology and hydrological consequences of cryosphere degradation in the ALPS, P.I. 2007: SNF R’EQUIP Terrestrial Laser Scanning System, P.I. 2007: ETH CCES grant “EXTREMES” on spatial extreme value statistics, Co-P. I. 2006: ETH CCES grant “Swiss Experiment” Pre-Project, P. I. 2006: Swiss National Science Foundation: Wind tunnel investigation of snow ventilation, P. I. 2005: KTI: Development of high resolution forecasting models of road surface conditions for winter road maintenance, P. I. 2004: AWARE: EU – Project on water resources in Alpine catchments with a focus on snow cover processes, P. I. 2003: Swiss National Science Foundation: Small scale investigation of flow, snow drift and surface energy balance, P. I. 2002: Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology: Distributed Computing (GRID) for Natural Hazard Prediction, Co – P. I. 2000: Swiss National Science Foundation: REQUIP: A cold, two phase wind tunnel with natural snow particles, P. I. 1997: Swiss National Science Foundation: Boundary layer wind field and the associated snow transport over high alpine topography, P. I. 1992: Scholarship for foreign studies at UC Davis.


Bavarian scholarship for highly gifted students (1988 – 1992) Award for the best student paper presentation at a conference of the American Meteorological Society in Charlotte (1995), USA. Award for extraordinary performance in transfer of scientific knowledge to users, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (2001). Offer (Ruf) of a full professorship (chair: W3) in environmental physics at the University of Tübingen (2009).