Co-Founder, COO of Sparrow Analytics SA

Maxim Interbrick is an entrepreneur by heart with decades of experience in building startups in informational, media, entertainment, and IT sectors. Establishing his first startup in 1998 in Israel he begins his journey. In 2001, arriving to Switzerland and working in few local companies he’s gaining swiss expertise. Between 2010 and 2015, the main activity relays in Augmented Reality and media (Adlux agency, Ogmint). Between 2016-2019 in medicalsector, building Infotainment systems (Engagelink, Advixta). Since 2019, his focus on urban environmental area where his recent company was established – Sparrow Analytics. Sparrow aims to find and solve major problems in Cities environment.

City Environment Measurement for Better Life

Sparrow is an advanced data collection and analytical processing ecosystem. It is set for measuring, processing and sharing various environmental and commercial parameters in a cost effective, real-time, high-resolution, and accurate way. Sparrow’s concept is a unified data processing platform fed by network of autonomously moving scanners that measures and collect data street-by-street through approved standard of data collection protocols. Data such as air and noise pollution, radio frequencies, radiation, gas leaks, traffic patterns, temperature, humidity, brightness, thermal cameras and much more, offers opportunities to improve the quality of urban life such as identifying pollution sources, finding simple solutions, measuring quality of service, compliance with regulations, marketing, and evaluation for environment related products. Sparrow offers multi-micro sensor devices for cars and a platform for processing and exchange of data between 3rd party suppliers and users of data. In analogy to the medical industry, Sparrow offers detailed scanning or “MRI of the city”, analysis by AI and share with other peers. Sparrow’s methodology was accepted by (division of UN responsible for standards for smart city KPIs), as well as approved by Innosuisse and supported by MIT and EPFL. With help of Sparrow, lawmakers, city administration and city dwellers will be able to better understand and manage environment and take necessary actions, while private companies will study the data to design and market better product and services in more efficient way.