Head of HPE EMEA Research Lab at Hewlett Packard, Switzerland

Utz-Uwe Haus, Head of the HPE HPC/AI EMEA Research Lab (ERL), studied mathematics and computer science at theTechnical University of Berlin (TU Berlin). After obtaining a doctorate in mathematics at the University of Magdeburg (Germany) he worked on nonstandard applications of mathematical optimization in chemical engineering, material science, and systems biology. He led a junior research group at the Magdeburg Center for Systems Biology and was principal investigator on various EU FP7 ITN projects. After five years as senior researcher at the Department of Mathematics at ETH Zürich, he co-founded CERL, the CRAY EMEA Research Lab in 2015. He’s now leading the HPE ERL, a team dedicated to fostering long term technical relationships with customers and partners, and performing co-design of solutions outside the current product portfolio. His research interests focus on parallel programming and data transfer-aware scheduling problems, monitoring and operational data analysis, as well as novel compute architectures.