Professor at IPESE, EPFL

François Maréchal is professor of mechanical engineering at EPFL Valais Wallis and participates in 3 projects of the Competence Center in Energy and Mobility (2nd generation biofuel, SOFC Bois, and development of gas turbines with CO2 reduction). Specializing in renewable energies, rational use and energy conversion, he develops models and digital tools to respond to environmental issues. His current R&D work focuses on the application of multi-objective optimization strategies in the design of integrated energy conversion processes and systems.

During his career, instead of focusing on academic issues, François Maréchal has mainly based his research on industrial applications that lead to valid and applicable patented results. After a degree in chemical and technological engineering at the University of Liège, he continued his studies with a doctorate and worked in the laboratory of Prof. Kalitventzeff, pioneer in the field of computer aided engineering.

He has also contributed to the definition of the 2000-watt society and to studies on the emergence of green technologies in the market as part of the Alliance for Global Sustainability.